Jesus has given us purpose in loving Him with our whole selves and loving our neighbor as ourselves. We want college students in Baldwin City to know the joy of living with Him and pursuing His invitation. 

The Gospel

The Gospel is the good news of all humanity. We are plagued with many things, from addiction, to a drive for self-approval, that we are slaves to - in Bible terms. The Gospel is Jesus' life death and resurrection that frees us to pursue all who we were designed to be and do all that we were designed to do. 

Our Purpose

We exist to be loved by God and to love Him. In that, we gain an understanding to who He is as a loving God who pursues people. Recognizing the goodness of being reconciled with the Lord, we join Him in his desire to be reconciled to all of humanity.

Our Mission

We exist to reach college aged students in and around Baldwin City, helping them to see the goodness of the Lord and be reconciled to him. We want to help young adults grow in their understanding of who the Lord is and what they were created to do.

 Why college students?

We recognize the drive and passion they have, and want to serve and care for students in a way that demonstrates Jesus' heart, giving them an opportunity to respond to the claims of Christ and provide environment for growing to walk with Him daily.

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Baldwin City, Kansas Christian Challenge